The Peculiars Are Back!

Miss. Peregrine’s Ward’s are back in Ransom Riggs’ latest installment of The Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children book series. However, these “children” are growing up and trying to find their place in both the modern world and the peculiar world. The adventures and dangers have now shifted to  America. Here the peculiar world reminds me of the wild west, relatively lawless and very dangerous. Jacob and his friends are now the heroes of Peculiardom and they are feeling trapped by the rules that the ymbrynes impose on them. Jacob is trying to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps but is he really ready for dangerous missions that put people’s lives on the line?

I get a hint of social commentary in this installment. A peculiar America that is divided into factions and a threat of war between them. Or perhaps I’m just reading our current state of affairs in the U. S into the text?

In this fourth book, we are reunited with old peculiar friends and meet a plethora of new peculiar characters. We get to meet these new characters through the written word and through the author’s wonderful old photographs!

These old photos are what made me fall in love with Rigg’s books. They are woven throughout the books and it amazes me that these photos from the late eighteen and early nineteen hundreds are real. And really creepy!

These books inspired me to start my own vintage photo collection. When I taught high school, I used these photos in a creative writing unit. Just like Ransom Riggs, my students would create stories based on an old photographs. Their imaginations were really sparked by these photos.

My only criticism of this fourth book is that it ended with many unanswered questions. So I eagerly await the next glimpse into the peculiar world.



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